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The Challenge

Today, digital downloads and SaaS cloud computing represent the lion’s share of software distribution. However, many end users still want physical manuals and discs and are even willing to pay extra for them! But it is a hassle and expensive for software publishers to deal with physical product manufacturing, inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment.

So the challenge is:
How does a software publisher cost-effectively provide manuals and discs to their customers?

The Solution: Physical River

Physical River is Gung-Ho’s on demand software publishing service. The automated service enables software publishers to use Gung-Ho’s global manufacturing and fulfillment network to produce physical copies of their software and documentation and ship them directly to customers on an as needed basis.

The Physical River global service has a manufacturing capacity of more than 100 million printed pages, CDs, and DVDs per month and it is rapidly scalable.

With Physical River, we provide software publishers with an efficient, low-risk method for cost-effectively delivering physical products on a global basis. And for software publishers that do not want to be involved, we will assume the risk and total management of the entire process – from Web order through product fulfillment – providing publishers with a risk-free, hassle-free revenue stream.

John L. Wade, Founder & CEO, Gung-Ho Company

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At A Glance

Physical River provides software publishers with cost-effective solutions for global physical product distribution on an as needed basis.

Quick Facts

  • Monthly Capacity of More Than 100 Million On Demand Printed Pages, CDs, and DVDs
  • GENIE Technologies are Maintained in a Secure SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center
  • 99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for Over 16 Years

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Press Release: Gung-Ho Launches Physical River >

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30 Year History Of Innovation >

Over 30 Years Of Leading Through Innovation

Our history dates back to 1982 in Silicon Valley. The IBM PC had just been introduced and we began supplying the required manuals, software, and packaging. Since that time, we have been at the forefront of virtually every major e-commerce and on demand publishing technology in use today. And we continue to lead the industry with our 99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for 16 years and running.

Examples of our leading-edge milestones include:

1988  Bulletin board system used for e-commerce transaction processing.
1991  Digital distribution of documentation on CDs.
1992  On demand digital printing of documentation using Xerox DocuTechs.
1994  Manufactured Mosaic’s Netscape browser software that popularized the Web.
1996  Web-based e-commerce order processing and digital distribution of software.
1998  Digital Rights Management for subscriptions, licensing, training, and support.
1999  Cloud-based GENIE system seamlessly integrates digital and physical distribution on a global basis.
2015  99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for 16 years and running.
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Our Clients Are High-Tech Leaders

We have worked with the “who’s who” of the high-tech industry. We have won numerous supplier awards and have never lost a client based upon our quality or performance.