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E-Commerce Solutions For Every Situation

At Physical River, we can fulfill orders from your Web store, a third-party Web store, or build a branded Web store for you, collect the money, pay any sales tax, and send you a check for the profits.

Web Store Options

Combination Of Web Stores

Any combination of the above is possible. For example, you could use your Web store for initial product orders (including electronic downloads) and we could create and manage a branded post-purchase technical support site that provides printed manuals, backup discs, and other technical support materials. Sample Order Screen >

GOLD provides our geographically dispersed field sales administrators with an easy-to-use portal for order entry into our ERP system. We have complete visibility in GOLD of customer orders as they move through Gung-Ho’s assembly and fulfillment cycle. Once Gung-Ho ships an order, we have on-line access to all shipping, tracking, and export documentation associated with the order. What’s more, GOLD provides the information used to automatically update our installed base configuration management records. GOLD and our partnership with Gung-Ho have simplified our internal processes and dramatically increased our production capacity. We are well positioned to be able to respond to increased demand for our products without having to invest in additional capital equipment or increase the size of our work force.

Keith Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations, First Virtual Communications

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