Press Release: Gung-Ho Launches Physical River

Gung-Ho Launches Physical River On Demand Software Publishing Service

On demand manufacturing capacity of more than 40 million printed pages, CDs, and DVDs per month to support e-commerce orders that require physical manuals and discs in addition to digital software downloads.

Incline Village, Nevada, June 15, 2011 – Gung-Ho Company, a market leader in turnkey software manufacturing, fulfillment, and e-commerce,  today announced it is using Physical River as the brand for its highly rated on demand software publishing service. The automated service enables software publishers to use Gung-Ho’s global manufacturing and fulfillment network to produce physical copies of their software and documentation and ship them to end users on an as needed basis. By using the network, which is integrated through Gung-Ho’s cloud-based GENIE e-commerce information system, software publishers can simplify and cut costs of production as well as reduce global shipping costs and physical inventory requirements.

“With our Physical River on demand software publishing service, we provide publishers with an efficient, low-risk method for cost-effectively delivering physical products on a global basis,” said John L. Wade, Gung-Ho’s Founder and CEO. “And the service, when combined with our digital download capabilities, provides our clients with a truly robust and complete e-commerce solution that satisfies the end users’ desire for both digital and physical products.”

“This offering is not new to us,” Mr. Wade pointed out, “it is merely branding what we have been doing since the mid-1990s when we pioneered combining digital software distribution (ESD) with physical product shipments. And now, with more companies moving to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, it is more important than ever to provide a simple way for our clients to offer their customers physical products on as needed basis.”

Gung-Ho’s Physical River service is a fully automated system. Orders are captured and processed on a Web site hosted by Gung-Ho, the client, or a third party. The order information is transmitted to Gung-Ho’s GENIE information system which routes the order to the manufacturing facility nearest to the end-user. The facility duplicates the software programs on CDs and DVDs; prints manuals, documentation, and packaging in localized languages; then assembles and ships the products to the end-user – all within hours of the order being placed.

“As a software publisher, we have to offer both digital downloads and physical products to satisfy our customers’ product fulfillment preferences,” said David Jakober, Vice President of NCH Software. “Although our customers primarily choose to digitally download our products, the Physical River service allows us to give our customers a physical product option that more efficiently and cost-effectively meets the demand for physical products than we could offer previously.”

NCH Software publishes a wide variety of audio, video, and business software applications. Many are sold as retail boxed products that are also manufactured and distributed by Gung-Ho. “By producing all of NCH Software’s physical products,” Mr. Wade noted, “we can often manufacture common parts in higher volumes which further reduces overall product and fulfillment costs.”

When Mr. Jakober was asked about Gung-Ho’s performance, he replied, “Gung-Ho quickly got us up-and-running. They were experts in all aspects of program design through implementation, including the automated order interface, materials production, shipping costs and logistics, and reporting. It’s been a pleasure working with them!”

About Gung-Ho Company

Gung-Ho Company is a market leader in the manufacturing and fulfillment of printing, packaging, discs, and media products. Gung-Ho specializes in turnkey software manufacturing, on demand publishing, e-commerce, order management, digital content distribution, and physical product fulfillment. Gung-Ho has maintained profitability, operated without incurring any debt, and has never lost a client based upon its quality or performance since it was founded in 1999.

Gung-Ho is headquartered in Incline Village, Nevada, and has a Silicon Valley sales office in Cupertino, California.

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NCH Software offers more than eighty easy-to-use applications for audio, video, business, telephony, VoIP and more. These software solutions focus on specific needs and solving problems, while improving productivity for small businesses and consumers alike. NCH Software provides users with the software they need at an affordable price. This approach generates nearly five million unique visitors and three million software downloads per month from the company’s Web site at

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